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Gratus [1]

(pleasing, Graecized Γράτος ), Valerius procurator of Judaea from A.D. 15 to 26, being the first appointed by Tiberius, and the immediate predecessor of Pilate (Josephus, Ant. 18:6, 5). The government of Gratus is chiefly remarkable for the frequent changes which he made in the Jewish high-priestns. He deposed Ananus and substituted Ishmael, son of Fabi next Eleazar, son of Ananus; then Simon, son of Camithus; and lastly Joseph Caiaphas, son-in-law of Ananus (ib. 2,2). He put down two formidable bands of robbers that infested Judmea during his procuratorship, and killed with his own hand the captain of one of them, Simon, formerly a slave of Herod the Great (ib. 17:10, 6, 7; War, 2:4, 2, 3). Gratus assisted the proconsul Quintilius Varus in quelling an insurrection of the Jews (War, 2:5, 2). Smith, Dict. of Class. Biog. s.v., (See Judaea).