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American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [1]

That which proceeds from God, and is pleasing to him. It also signifies conformity to his will, and an assimilation to his character,  Psalm 12:1   Malachi 2:15   2 Corinthians 1:2   Titus 2:12 . Godliness is the substance of revealed religion,  1 Timothy 3:16   4:8   2 Peter 1:6 .

King James Dictionary [2]

GOD'LY, a. god-like Pious reverencing God, and his character and laws.

1. Living in obedience to God's commands, from a principle of love to him and reverence of his character and precepts religious righteous as a godly person. 2. Pious conformed to God's law as a godly life.

GOD'LY, adv. Piously righteously.

All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer

persecution.  2 Timothy 3