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(Heb. Gershunni', גֵּרְשִׁנִּי Sept. Γεδσωνί , but often simply like Gershon, And so A.V. often "son of Gershon"), a designation, usually in the plur., of the descendants of GERSHON, one of the sons of Levi ( Numbers 3:21;  Numbers 4:24;  Numbers 4:27;  Joshua 21:33;  1 Chronicles 23:7;  2 Chronicles 29:12). Their office, during the marches in the wilderness, was to carry the vails and curtains belonging to the tabernacle, on the western side of which they encamped ( Numbers 3:23-26;  Numbers 26:57). In the singular the term is applied to Laadan ( 1 Chronicles 26:21) and Jehiel ( 1 Chronicles 29:8).