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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [1]

Gederoth . A town of Judah in the Shephçlah (  Joshua 15:41 ,   2 Chronicles 28:18 ). It appears to be the modern Katrah near Yebna. Possibly it is also the Kidron of 1Ma 15:39; 1Ma 15:41; 1Ma 16:8 .

Holman Bible Dictionary [2]

 Joshua 15:41 2 Chronicles 28:18GederGederah

Morrish Bible Dictionary [3]

City in the lowlands of Judah.  Joshua 15:41;  2 Chronicles 28:18 . Identified by some with Katrah, 31 50' N, 34 46' E .

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [4]

(Heb. Gederoth', הִגְּדֵרַי , Fortresses or Sheep-Cotes (See Geder); in Chron. with the art.; Sept. Γαδηρώθ v.r. in Chron. Γαληρώ , etc.; Vulg. Gideroth, Gederoth), a town in the "valley" of Judah ( Joshua 15:41, where it is mentioned between Kithlish and Bethdagon); one of those captured by the Philistines from Ahaz ( 1 Chronicles 28:18). It cannot be identical with the Gederah or Gederothaim (q.v.) of Judah (which lay in a different group), nor yet with either Geder or Gedor (which were in the mountains). The associated names require a position "in the actual plain from north to south between the hilly region and the Philistine coast" (Keil, on Joshua ad loc.); perhaps at the modern Beit-Tima, marked on Van de Velde's Map as 6 miles east of Ascalon.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [5]

ged´ē̇ - roth , ge - dē´rōth ( גּדרות , gedhērōth ): A town in the Shephelah of Judah, named with Kithlish, Beth-dagon, Naamah and Makkedah (  Joshua 15:41 ). It is mentioned along with Bethshemesh and Aijalon as taken by the Philistines in the reign of Ahaz ( 2 Chronicles 28:18 ). It possibly corresponds with the "Kidron" of 1 Macc 15:39, 41; 16:9. Eusebius, Onomasticon places a very large village named Gedrom 10 Roman miles from Lydda on the road to Eleutheropolis. This points to Ḳaṭrah , Southeast of Yebnah .

Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature [6]

Gede´roth, a city in the plain country of Judah , and one of those which the Philistines took from king Ahaz .