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Morrish Bible Dictionary [1]

Inhabitant of Gederah.  1 Chronicles 12:4 .  1 Chronicles 12:2 speaks of Josabad as a Benjamite, so that this Gederah is judged to be identified with Jedireh in Benjamin, 31 51' N, 35 11' E .

Easton's Bible Dictionary [2]

 1 Chronicles 12:4

Holman Bible Dictionary [3]


Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [4]

(Heb. only with the art. hag-Gederathi', הִגְּדֵרָתַי , as if from Gederah; Sept. Γαδηρωθί v.r. Γαδαραθιίμ ,Vulg. Gaderothites), an epithet of Josabad (q.v.), one of David's famous warriors at Ziklag ( 1 Chronicles 12:4); so called as being a native probably of the GEDOR (See Gedor) (q.v.) of the same passage ( 1 Chronicles 12:7).