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Gaudentius [1]

bishop of Brescia, succeeded Philastrius in the see of Brescia in the 4th century. He was chosen while away upon his travels, and extraordinary means were used that he might be induced to assume the office. He was ordained by St. Ambrose about 387. He does not appear to have interfered in the disturbances of the times except in being one of the deputies sent to Constantinople in 404 or 405 by the bishops of the West for the reinstatement of St. Chrysostom in his see of Constantinople. When he died is unknown; some fix the date at 410, others at 427. Nineteen sermons of his are extant, preceded by a preface to Benevolus, which may be found in Bib. Max. Patrol. volume 5; in Migne's OEuvres tres completes des ecrivains eccles. du v siecle (Paris, 1849, 4to); and in Migne, Patrol. Latina, volume 20. Clarke, Succ. of Sac. Lit. volume 1; Cave, Hist. Lit. 1:180; Ceillier, Auteurs Sacres (Paris, 1861), 8:34.