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Gabler [1]

Georg Andreas, son of Johann Philipp, was born in Altorf in 1786. He was for several years (from 1807) tutor in the family of Schiller at Weimar, became in 1811 teacher of the gymnasium of Ansbach, in 1817 professor, and in 1821 rector of the gymnasium in Bayreuth, in 1824 professor of classical literature at the lyceum in the same city, and, after the death of Hegel, professor of philosophy at the University of Berlin.' He died in 1853 at Teplitz. He wrote Lehrbuch der philosoph. Propaideutik (Erlangen, 1827, 1 vol.): De vere philosophiae erga religionens Christianam pietate (trying to establish the harmony between the Christian religion and the Hegelian philosophy, Berlin, 1836); Beitrage zur richtiger Beurtheilung d. Hegelschen Philosophie (Berlin, 1843). (A.J.S.)