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American Tract Society Bible Dictionary [1]

The ordinary meaning of this word is sufficiently obvious. It will ultimately be recorded over against all the predictions and promises of Jehovah, every one having been fully accomplished at the proper time and place,  Joshua 23:14;  Matthew 2:17;  8:17;  12:17 . There are in the New Testament many instances of such an accomplishment, where the purposes of men were very different, and those who figured in the transaction did not dream of any thing but some evil project of their own. Thus in  John 19:24,28,36 , the actual agents in Christ's crucifixion had no thought that they were fulfilling the purposes of God. Sometimes also the phrase, "that it might be fulfilled," signifies that the occurrence to which it is applied is a secondary fulfilment, a verification, or simply an illustration of the original prophetic passage-yet foreknown and foreordained of God. Thus the words of  Hosea 11:1 , "I called my son out of Egypt," refer directly to the exodus of Israel from that land of bondage; but, as we learn from  Matthew 13:14;  Isaiah 6:9;  61:1-3;  Luke 4:18-21;  Acts 1:16,20;  Psalm 109:8 .

King James Dictionary [2]

FULFILL'ED, pp. Accomplished performed completed executed.

Webster's Dictionary [3]

(imp. & p. p.) of Fulfill