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Footsteps [1]

Psalm 17:5 (1). David calls upon the Lord to keep him in the way he should go, so that he may walk constantly in the presence of the Lord, and not wander away.

Psalm 77:19 (b) The Lord uses this figure to reveal the fact that GOD's ways are not known to men, for He does not reveal them to men. These are the secrets of His own heart. Read the special case about Moses in Psalm 103:7. Here we find that the people saw what He did, but Moses understood why He did it. (See also Job 33:13).

Psalm 89:51 (b) Here we learn that the ungodly scorn the way of the righteous and sneer at the Godly.

Song of Solomon 1:8 (c) This is probably a call for Christians to walk together in happy fellowship.