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Faber [1]

(or FABRI), Felix, a Dominican monk and Oriental traveler, was born in Zurich, 1441-2, and was educated by the Dominicans at Basel. He early entered the Dominican order, and was made chief preacher in the cloister at Ulm, 1478. His studies were directed to the illustration of the Bible lands, and he made two journeys to the East, one in 1480 to Jerusalem, and one in 1483-4 to Palestine, Egypt, and Sinai. He died March 14, 1502. His principal writings are Ecagatorium in Terra Sanctae, Arabiae et Egyptae peregrinationenz (republished Stuttg. 1843-9, 3 volumes, 8vo): Historia Suevorum (Francft. 1605; Ulm, 1727). Quotif et Echard, Script. Ord. Pread. volume 1; Herzog, Real-Encyklopadie, 4:306.