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Euthymius [1]

abbot of Pharan, in Judea, was born in Melitene (Armenia) in 377. He was. educated under bishop Otreius, who ordained him priest, and intrusted him with the direction of the monasteries of Melitene. In 406 he went to Palestine, and retired into a cell near Jerusalem. Soon after he was joined by a great number of recluses, who chose him as their superior. His authority extended over several monasteries. Euthymius converted to Christianity a large number of Arabians, and brought back to the orthodox Church several Nestorians and ManichMeans, Through his entreaty also the empress Eudoxia, the wife of Theodosius the younger, entered into the bosom of the Catholic Church. There was also attributed to Euthymius the power of performing miracles. He died in 473. After his death he was revered as a saint, first in the East, and then in the West. See Hoefer. Nouvelle Biographie Generale, s.v.; Smith, Dictionary of Christian Biography, s.v.