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Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [1]

bishop of Sulce, 5th century, is supposed to have been the first to divide the N.T. into verses. Some of the poetical parts of the O.T. had been arranged. in lines ( Στίχοι ), and Euthalius (A.D. 438) divided Paul's epistles into verses. Afterwards he so arranged Acts and the Catholic Epistles. The division into chapters had been made by a previous writer (A.D. 396), and Euthalius adopted it. Erasmus, In his N.T., inserts the Arguments of Euthalius to the Acts and to Paul's epistles. His Prologue To St. Paul'S Epistles, including a sketch of Paul's life, was published by J.H. Bocclerus at the end of his N.T. (Argentor. 1645, 1660). All the remains of Euthalius are given by Zaccagni, Call. Mton. Vat. Ecclesiastes Grac. (Rome, 1698, 4to). Horne, Introduction, part 1, chapter 2, § 3; Cave, Hist. Lit. (Genev. 1720), 1.