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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words [1]

1: Ὁλόκληρος (Strong'S #3648 — Adjective — holokleros — hol-ok'-lay-ros )

"complete, sound in every part" (holos, "whole," kleros, "a lot," i.e., with all that has fallen by lot), is used ethically in  1—Thessalonians 5:23 , indicating that every grace present in Christ should be manifested in the believer; so  James 1:4 . In the Sept. the word is used, e.g., of a "full" week,  Leviticus 23:15; of altar stones unhewn,  Deuteronomy 27:6;  Joshua 8:31; of a "full-grown" vine tree, useless for work,  Ezekiel 15:5; of the "sound" condition of a sheep,  Zechariah 11:16 .

 Acts 3:16 James 1:4 Isaiah 42:19 Colossians 1:28  2—Peter 3:14

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( a.) Internal; interior.

(2): ( a.) Consisting of a single piece, as a corolla.

(3): ( a.) Complete in all parts; undivided; undiminished; whole; full and perfect; not deficient; as, the entire control of a business; entire confidence, ignorance.

(4): ( a.) Without mixture or alloy of anything; unqualified; morally whole; pure; faithful.

(5): ( n.) A name originally given to a kind of beer combining qualities of different kinds of beer.

(6): ( a.) Having an evenly continuous edge, as a leaf which has no kind of teeth.

(7): ( a.) Not gelded; - said of a horse.

(8): ( n.) Entirely.

King James Dictionary [3]

ENTI'RE, a. L. integer, said to be in neg. and tango, to touch.

1. Whole undivided unbroken complete in its parts. 2. Whole complete not participated with others. This man has the entire control of the business. 3. Full complete comprising all requisites in itself.

An action is entire, when it is complete in all its parts.

4. Sincere hearty.

He run a course more entire with the king of Arragon.

5. Firm solid sure fixed complete undisputed.

Entire and sure the monarch's rule must prove,

Who founds her greatness on her subjects' love.

6. Unmingled unalloyed.

In thy presence joy entire.

7. Wholly devoted firmly adherent faithful.

No man had a heart more entire to the king.

8. In full strength unbroken. 9. In botany, an entire stem is one without branches an entire leaf is without any opening in the edge, not divided.