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King James Dictionary [1]

Enor'Mous, a. L. enormis e and norma, a rule.

1. Going beyond the usual measure or rule.

Enormous in their gait.

2. Excursive beyond the limits of a regular figure.

The enormous part of the light in the circumference of every lucid point.

3. Great beyond the common measure excessive as enormous crime or guilt. 4. Exceeding, in bulk or highth, the common measure as an enormous form a man of enormous size. 5. Irregular confused disordered unusual.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( a.) Exceedingly wicked; outrageous; atrocious; monstrous; as, an enormous crime.

(2): ( a.) Exceeding the usual rule, norm, or measure; out of due proportion; inordinate; abnormal.