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Empires [1]


apital Rome, dates from the reign of Augustus, 25 B.C., to that of Theodosius, A.D. 395;

r Low Empire, capital Constantinople, being part of the Roman empire, dates from 295 to 1453;

apital Rome, dates from 295 to 476; the

r Second Empire of the West, founded by Charlemagne, dates from 800 to 911; the

apital Constantinople, founded by the Crusaders, dates from 1204 to 1261; the

ounded by Otho the Great in 962, ended by abdication of Francis II. of Austria in 1806, and restored under William I. in 1870; the

ounded by Napoleon I., dates from 1804 to 1815, and as established by Napoleon III. dates from 1852 to 1870;

ounded in 1876 under the crown of England.