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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(a.) Applied to books or editions (esp. of the Greek New Testament and the classics) printed and published by the Elzevir family at Amsterdam, Leyden, etc., from about 1592 to 1680; also, applied to a round open type introduced by them.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [2]

is the name of a family, the members of which are known by their publications of theological works, more especially of the New Test. Louis Elzevir, who had embraced Calvinism in France, had to leave his country in 1580, and went to Levyd-en, where he established a book-store, which soon became known by the publication of Drusii Ebraicarum Quaestionum libri duo (1583). The descendants of Louis established themselves at Utrecht, Amsterdam, and at other places. His grandson, Isaac, was appointed in 1620 university printer at Leyden, and this privilege remained with the family until 1712. The Elzevirs published such works as La Pegrere's Praeadamitae in 1655, and Richard Simoi's Histoire Crit. du Vieux Testament, in 1680, which the Church of Rome tried to suppress. What assures the Elzevirs an honorable place in the history of theology is the fact that they issued several editions of the Greek New Test., which became popular and authoritative for a long period. The preface to the second edition, published in 1633, boldly proclaims, "Textum ergo habes, nunc ab omnibus receptum; in quo nihil immutatum ant corruptum damus;" hence the name textus receptus, or commonly received standard text. All the Holland editions were scrupulously copied from the Elzevir text, and Wetstein could not get authority to print his famous Greek Test. (1751-52) except on condition of following it. See Bernus, in Lichtenberger's Encyclop. des Sciences Religieuses, s.v.; but more especially Alphons Willems's Histoire et Annales Typographiques (Brussels and Paris, 1880, 2 volumes), where a history of the Elzevir family and a list of their publications is given. (B.P.)

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [3]

The name of an eminent family of printers residing in Amsterdam and Leyden, Louis the first of them, who started in Leyden; their publications date from 1594 to 1680.