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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [1]

Elnathan . 1. The father of Nehushta, the mother of Jehoiachin (  2 Kings 24:8 ). 2. The son of Achbor, the chief of those sent to Egypt to fetch Uriah, who had offended Jehoiakim by his prophecy (  Jeremiah 26:22 ff.); and one of those who had entreated the king not to burn the roll (  Jeremiah 36:25 ). It is possible that he is identical with No. 1. 3. The name occurs no fewer than three times in the list of those sent for by Ezra when he encamped near Ahava (  Ezra 8:16 ). In 1Es 8:44 there are only two corresponding names, the second of which is Ennatan .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [2]

Elnathan: of Jerusalem. Jehoiachin's maternal grandfather ( 2 Kings 24:8). Son of Achbor. Jehoiakim's ready tool for evil, in fetching the prophet Urijah out of Egypt to be killed ( Jeremiah 26:22-23); one of the king's council when Jeremiah's roll was burned ( Jeremiah 36:12;  Jeremiah 36:25); he interceded with the king not to burn it. Compare for three others  Ezra 8:16.

Easton's Bible Dictionary [3]

  •  Ezra 8:16 .

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  • Smith's Bible Dictionary [4]

    El'nathan or Elna'Than. (God Hath Given).

    1. The maternal grandfather of Jehoiachin,  2 Kings 24:8, the same with Elnathan, the son of Achbor.  Jeremiah 26:22;  Jeremiah 36:12;  Jeremiah 36:25.

    2. The name of three persons, apparently Levites, in the time of Ezra.  Ezra 8:16.

    Morrish Bible Dictionary [5]

    1. Son of Achbor and father of Nehushta, Jehoiakim's queen: he begged Jehoiakim not to burn the sacred roll.  2 Kings 24:8;  Jeremiah 26:22;  Jeremiah 36:12,25 .

    2-4. Three of those whom Ezra sent to fetch Levites to accompany him to Jerusalem.  Ezra 8:16 .

    Holman Bible Dictionary [6]

     2 Kings 24:8 2 Jeremiah 26:22-23 Jeremiah 36:12-26 2 Ezra 8:16

    Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [7]

    [some El'nathan] (Hebrews Enlzathan', אֶלְנָתָן , whom God Has Given; compare John, Theodore, Diodati), the name of four leading men. 1. An inhabitant of Jerusalem, father of Nehushta, the mother of king Jehoiachin ( 2 Kings 24:8. Sept. Ε᾿Λνασθάν v.r. Ε᾿Λλανασθάν ). B.C. ante 598. He was perhaps the same with the son of Achbor, sent by Jehoiakim to bring the prophet Urijah out of Egypt ( Jeremiah 26:22, Sept. Ε᾿Λδαθάν ), and in whose presence the roll of Jeremiah was read, for the preservation of which he interceded with the king ( Jeremiah 36:12;  Jeremiah 36:25, Sept. Ναθάν v.r. Ι᾿Ωναθάν ). B.C. 605.

    2, 3, 4, (Sept. Ε᾿Λναθάμ , Ναθάν , and Ε᾿Λναθάν respectively). Three of the Israelites, of established prudence and integrity, sent by Ezra to invite the priests and Levites to accompany him to Jerusalem ( Ezra 8:16). B.C. 459.

    International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [8]

    el - nā´than ( אלנתן , 'elnāthān , "God has given"):

    (1) The grandfather of Jehoiachin ( 2 Kings 24:8 ).

    (2) A courtier of Jehoiakim; he was one of those sent to Egypt to bring back the prophet Uriah ( Jeremiah 26:22 ), and one of those who heard the reading of Jeremiah's roll and entreated Jehoiakim not to burn the roll ( Jeremiah 36:12 ,  Jeremiah 36:25 ) - possibly the same person as (1) above.

    (3, 4, 5) The name of two "chief men" - unless textual corruption has introduced the name at its second occurrence - and of one "teacher" sent for by Ezra from the camp at the river Ahava ( Ezra 8:16 ).