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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Eli'ud. (God His Praise). Son of Achim, in the genealogy of Christ .  Matthew 1:15.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [2]

Son of Achim in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus.  Matthew 1:14,15 .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [3]

Eliud . An ancestor of Jesus (  Matthew 1:15 ).

Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament [4]

ELIUD. —An ancestor of Jesus,  Matthew 1:14 f.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [5]

("God of the Jews".)  Matthew 1:15.

Holman Bible Dictionary [6]

 Matthew 1:14-15

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [7]

( Ε᾿Λιούδ , prob. for Hebrews אלִֵיהרּד , God is his Praise, but not found in O.T.), son of Achim, and father of Eleazar, being the fifth in ascent in Christ's paternal genealogy ( Matthew 1:14-15). B.C. cir. 200. (See Genealogy Of Christ).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [8]

ē̇ - lı̄´ud ( Ἐλιούδ , Elioúd , "God my praise"): An ancestor of Jesus, four generations before Joseph ( Matthew 1:15 ).