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eg´lon ( עגלון , ‛eghlōn  ; Ὀδολλάμ , Odollám ): A royal Canaanite city whose king joined the league headed by Adonizedek of Jerusalem against the Gibeonites, which suffered overwhelming defeat at the hands of Joshua (Josh 10). Joshua passed from Libnah to Lachish, and from Lachish to Eglon on his way to Hebron ( Joshua 10:31 ). It was in the Shephelah of Judah ( Joshua 15:39 ). The name seems to be preserved in that of Khirbet ‛Ajlān , about 10 miles West of Beit Jibrı̄n . Professor Petrie, however, thinks that the site of Tell Nejı̄leh better suits the requirements. While Khirbet ‛Ajlān is a comparatively modern site, the city at Tell Nejı̄leh must have been contemporary with that at Tell el - Ḥesy (Lachish). It lies fully three miles Southeast of Tell el - Ḥesy .