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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [1]

DODO (so the Qerç, Kethibh Dodai ). 1. The father of Eleazar, the second of the three captains who were over ‘the thirty’ (  2 Samuel 23:9 ). In the parallel list (  1 Chronicles 11:12 ) the name is given as Dodo and also ‘the Ahohite’ for the erroneous ‘son of Ahohi.’ In the third list (  1 Chronicles 27:4 ) Dodai is described as general of the second division of the army, but the words ‘Eleazar the son of’ appear to have been accidentally omitted. The traditional spelling ( Dodo ) is most probably right: the name Dudu has been found on the Tell el-Amarna tablets, apparently as that of an Amorite official at the Egyp. court. 2 . A Bethlehemite, father of Elhanan, one of ‘the thirty’ (  2 Samuel 23:24 ,   1 Chronicles 11:26 ). 3. A man of Issachar, the forefather of Tola the judge (  Judges 10:1 ).

Easton's Bible Dictionary [2]

  • A Bethlehemite, and father of Elhanan, who was one of David's thirty heroes ( 2 Samuel 23:24 ).

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  • Smith's Bible Dictionary [3]

    Do'do. (Loving).

    1. A man of Bethlehem, father of Elhanan, who was one of David's thirty captains.  2 Samuel 23:24;  1 Chronicles 11:26. He is a different person from...

    2. Dodo, the Ahohite , father of Eleazar, the second of the three mighty men who were over the thirty.  2 Samuel 23:9;  1 Chronicles 11:12. (B.C. before 1046).

    Morrish Bible Dictionary [4]

    1. Grandfather of Tola, a judge, of the tribe of Issachar.  Judges 10:1 .

    2. An Ahohite, father of Eleazar, one of David's three mighty men.  2 Samuel 23:9;  1 Chronicles 11:12 .

    3. Father of Elhanan, one of David's mighty men.  2 Samuel 23:24;  1 Chronicles 11:26 .

    King James Dictionary [5]

    DODO, n. The Didus, a genus of fowls of the gallinaceous order. The hooded dodo is large than a swan, with a strong hooked bill. The general color of the plumage is cinereous the belly and thighs whitish. The head is large, and seems as if covered with a hood. The solitary dodo is a large fowl, and is said to weigh sometimes forty five pounds. The plumage is gray and brown mixed.

    Holman Bible Dictionary [6]

     Judges 10:1 2 2 Samuel 23:9 1 Chronicles 27:4  2 Samuel 23:24

    Webster's Dictionary [7]

    (n.) A large, extinct bird (Didus ineptus), formerly inhabiting the Island of Mauritius. It had short, half-fledged wings, like those of the ostrich, and a short neck and legs; - called also dronte. It was related to the pigeons.

    Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [8]

    (Hebrews Dodo', דּוֹדוֹ , Amatory ; but, according to F Ü rst, an abbreviation of Dodavah ), the name of three men.

    1. (Sept. Πατράδελφος Αὐτοῦ v.r. Πατὴρ Ἀδελφοῦ Αὐτοῦ ; Vulg. Patruus Ahimelech , both apparently as a rendering of "Ahohite" inserted.) A descendant of Issachar, father of Phuah, and grandfather of the judge Tola ( Judges 10:1). B.C. considerably ante 1319.

    2. (Sept. Δουδί , Δωδαϊ v; Vulg. Patruus Ejus .) An Ahohite (q.v.), father of Eleazar, who was one of David's three special heroes ( 2 Samuel 23:9, margin;  1 Chronicles 11:12). B.C. ante 1046. He seems to be the same with the DODAI mentioned in  1 Chronicles 27:4, as commander of the fourth monthly division of the royal troops under David. This latter form of the name occurs in the Hebrew text of  2 Samuel 23:9 ( דֹּדֹי ), and is favored by the Sept. as well as by Josephus (Ant . 7:12, 4, Δώδειος ); and is believed by Kennicott ( Dissertation , page 134), who has examined these lists with great minuteness, to be the correct one. The Jewish tradition (Jerome, Qu. Hebr. on  1 Chronicles 11:12) was that Dodo was the brother of Jesse.

    3. (Sept. Δουσὶ Πατράδελφος Αὐτοῦ , and Δωδωαί v.r. Δωδωέ ; Vulg. Patruus Jus .) A Bethlehemite, and father of the Elhanan who was one of David's thirty heroes ( 2 Samuel 23:24;  1 Chronicles 11:26). B.C. ante 1046.

    The Nuttall Encyclopedia [9]

    An ungainly bird larger than a turkey, with short scaly legs, a big head and bill, short wings and tail, and a greyish down plumage, now extinct, though it is known to have existed in the Mauritius some 200 years ago.