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King James Dictionary [1]

Difficult, a. L., easy to be made or done to make or do.

1. Hard to be made, done or performed not easy attended with labor and pains as, our task is difficult. It is difficult to persuade men to abandon vice. It is difficult to ascend a steep hill, or travel a bad road. 2. Hard to be pleased not easily wrought upon not readily yielding not compliant unaccommodating rigid austere not easily managed or persuaded as a difficult man a person of a difficult temper. 3. Hard to be ascended as a hill, traveled as a road, or crossed as a river, &c. We say, a difficult ascent a difficult road a difficult river to cross &c.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): ( a.) Hard to manage or to please; not easily wrought upon; austere; stubborn; as, a difficult person.

(2): ( a.) Hard to do or to make; beset with difficulty; attended with labor, trouble, or pains; not easy; arduous.

(3): ( v. t.) To render difficult; to impede; to perplex.