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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(n.) A shrewd trick; an antic; a caper.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

The daughter of Belus, king of Tyre, and the sister of Pygmalion, who, having succeeded to the throne on the death of his father, put Sichæus, her husband, to death for the sake of his wealth, whereupon she secretly took ship, sailed away from the city with the treasure, accompanied by a body of disaffected citizens, and founded Carthage, having picked up by the way 80 virgins from Cyprus to make wives for her male attend ants; a neighbouring chief made suit for her hand, encouraged by her subjects, upon which, being bound by an oath of eternal fidelity to Sichæus, she erected a funeral pile and stabbed herself in presence of her subjects; Virgil makes her ascend the funeral pile out of grief for the departure of Æneas, of whom she was passionately in love.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [3]

(1) the twenty-sixth bishop of Poictiers, cir. A.D. 673;

(2) the thirty-second bishop of Nogent, in the 8th century;

(3) the thirty-seventh bishop of Tours, A.D. 742-744..