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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): ( v. t.) To make full statement of, as goods, etc., for the purpose of paying taxes, duties, etc.

(2): ( v. i.) To state the plaintiff's cause of action at law in a legal form; as, the plaintiff declares in trespass.

(3): ( v. t.) To make declaration of; to assert; to affirm; to set forth; to avow; as, he declares the story to be false.

(4): ( v. t.) To make known by language; to communicate or manifest explicitly and plainly in any way; to exhibit; to publish; to proclaim; to announce.

(5): ( v. i.) To make a declaration, or an open and explicit avowal; to proclaim one's self; - often with for or against; as, victory declares against the allies.

(6): ( v. t.) To make clear; to free from obscurity.

King James Dictionary [2]

Decla'Re, L. to make clear.