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Fausset's Bible Dictionary [1]

Dabareh, rather, Daberath.  Joshua 21:28;  Joshua 19:12. A Levitical town on the boundary of Zebulun. Also stated to be in Issachar ( 1 Chronicles 6:72). Probably on the border between Issachar and Zebulun. Called Dabaritta by Josephus. Now Debarieh, at the base of Mount Tabor.

Smith's Bible Dictionary [2]

Dab'areh. (Pasture). Dabareh ,  Joshua 21:28, or Daberath , a town on the boundary of Zebulun.  Joshua 19:12. Under the name of Debarieh, it still lies at the western foot of Tabor.

Holman Bible Dictionary [3]

 Joshua 21:28Daberath

Morrish Bible Dictionary [4]


Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [5]

a less correct mode of Anglicizing ( Joshua 21:28) the name DABERATH (See Daberath) (q.v.).