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Crassus [1]

(Graecized Κράσσος ), fully M. Licinius Crassus surnamed Dives ("the Rich"), one of the members of the first Roman triumvirate, was born about B.C. 105, and after various civil and military engagements, on the triumviral coalition started, B.C. 55, as governor of the consular province of Syria (where he succeeded Gabinius, Josephus, Ant. 14:6, 4), on a campaign against the Parthians. On his way he stopped at Jerusalem (according to Josephus. War, 1:8, 8, although the statement is confirmed by no other historian of the times, and this city lay off his route) and plundered the Temple, as he did likewise that of the goddess Derceto at Hierapolis, in Syria (Strabo 16, in fin.). Infatuated by this sacrilege (Prideaux, Connection, pt. 2), he proceeded on his campaign, which ended in. his defeat, capture, and death (Dio Cass. 40, 27). Plutarch wrote a life of Crassus. Smith, Dict. of Class. Biog . s.v.