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Constantius [1]

is likewise the name of a number of early Christian bishops or other notable ecclesiastics. (See Constantine); (See Constantius).

1. Bishop of Faenza, in the Romagna, A.D. 313, present at the Council of Rome concerning Ceecilian.

2. Bishop of Siscia (in Pannonia, now Sissek, on the Save), attended the Council of Aquileia, A.D. 381.

3. Bishop of Arausio (Orange), was present at the same council.

4 and 5. Two presbyters of Antioch in the time of Chrysostom.

6. A Manicheaen at Rome, in Augustine's time.

7. Bishop of Uzes (Ucetia) in Gaul, A.D. 419.

8. Also called Constantinus deacon and secretary of Eutyches, present at the Council of Constantinople, A.D. 448.

9. A bishop sent by Hilary of Arles, in the 5th century, along with bishop Nectarius, to Leo of Rome, on a question of jurisdiction.

10. A priest of Lyons, in the latter half of the 5th century, of noble extraction and literary character, the friend of Sidonius, who gives us our only knowledge of him and his brave exploits when Clermont was besieged by the Visigoths (Epist. 1:1; 3:2; 7:18; 9:16).

11. A bishop directed by Avitus (bishop of Vienne, in France, A.D. 497- 517) not to refuse communion to trivial offenders.

12. . A monk of the abbey of Classis, who failed to be appointed abbot there in the time of Gregory the Great.

13. Bishop of Albi, at the Council of Rheims, A.D. 625, and living in 647. He wrote a joint letter with Dado Desiderius of Cahors (Migne, Patrol. 87:217).

14. Also called CONSTANTIUS, presbyter of Apamea, in Syria, who explained his peculiar views on Christology at the third Council of Constantinople, A.D. 680, but was excommunicated therefor. See Smith, Dict. Of Christ. Biog. s.v.