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King James Dictionary [1]

Conscious, a. L.

1. Possessing the faculty or power of knowing ones own thoughts or mental operations. Thus, man is a conscious being. 2. Knowing from memory, or without extraneous information as, I am not conscious of the fact.

The damsel than to Tancred sent, who, conscious of the occasion, feared the event.

3. Knowing by conscience, or internal perception or persuasion as, I am not conscious of having given any offense. Sometimes followed by to as, I am not conscious to myself.

Aeneas only, conscious to the sign, presaged the event. So we say, conscious of innocence, or of ignorance, or of a crime.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): (a.) Possessing the faculty of knowing one's own thoughts or mental operations.

(2): (a.) Made the object of consciousness; known to one's self; as, conscious guilt.

(3): (a.) Possessing knowledge, whether by internal, conscious experience or by external observation; cognizant; aware; sensible.