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Columba [1]

is the name of several early saints besides the bishop of Iona and the virgin martyr. (See Colomba).

1. Said to have flourished about A.D. 640, is often given as the first bishop of Dunkeld, and the educator of St. Cuthbert and St. Brigida (Lanigan, Eccl. Hist. Of Ireland, 2:165). Dr. Reeves, however (Adamnan, page 6 n., 296-298), says that the only Columba connected with Dunkeld is St. Columba of Iona, whose relics were deposited there, and who was honored as the patron saint on June 9 (Grub, Eccl. Hist. of Scotland, 1:129. sq.).

2. Another Columba was the son of the regulus or lord of Appleby, Congere, Troclyngham, and Malemath, all situated in England, who is said to have been raised from the (lead, and baptized by St. Blane (q.v.). He is buried at Dunblane, Perthshire (Forbes, Kal. Of Scot. Saints, page 307).