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King James Dictionary [1]

Clear, a.

1. Open free from obstruction as a clear plat of ground the way is clear. 2. Free from clouds, or fog serene as a clear day. 3. Free from foreign matter unmixed pure as clear water clear sand clear air clear glass. 4. Free from any thing that creates doubt or uncertainty apparent evident manifest not obscure conspicuous that is, open to the mind as, the reason is clear. 5. Unclouded luminous not obscured as a clear sun a clear shining after a rain.  2 Samuel 23 . 6. Unobstructed unobscured as a clear view. 7. Perspicacious sharp as a clear sight. 8. Not clouded with care, or ruffled by passion cheerful serene as a clear aspect. 9. Evident undeniable indisputable as the victory was clear. 10. Quick to understand prompt acute.

Mother of science, now I feel thy power within me clear.

11. Free from guilt or blame innocent unspotted irreproachable.  2 Corinthians 7 .

In action faithful, and in honor clear.

12. Free from bias unprepossessed not preoccupied impartial as a clear judgment. 13. Free from debt, or obligation not liable to prosecution as, to be clear of debt or responsibility. 14. Free from deductions, or charges as clear gain or profit. 15. Not entangled unembarrassed free as, the cable is clear. A ship is clear, when she is so remote from shore or other object, as to be out of danger of striking, or to have sea room sufficient. 16. Open distinct not jarring, or harsh as a clear sound a clear voice. 17. Liberated freed acquitted of charges as, a man has been tried and got clear. 18. Free from spots or any thing that disfigures as a clear skin.

Clear is followed by from or by of.

Thou shalt be clear from this my oath.  Genesis 24 .

The air is clear of damp exhalations.

Clear, adv.

1. Plainly not obscurely manifestly. 2. Clean quite entirely wholly indicating entire separation as, to cut a piece clear off to go clear away but in this sense its use is not elegant.

Clear or in the clear, among joiners and carpenters, denotes the space within walls, or length and breadth clear or exclusive of the thickness of the wall.


1. To make clear to fine to remove any thing foreign to separate from any foul matter to purify to clarify as, to clear liquors. 2. To free from obstructions as, to clear the road. 3. To free from any thing noxious or injurious as, to clear the ocean of pirates to clear the land of enemies. 4. To remove any incumbrance, or embarrassment often followed by off or away as, to clear off debts to clear away rubbish. 5. To free to liberate, or disengage to exonerate as, to clear a man from debt, obligation, or duty. 6. To cleanse as, to clear the hands from filth to clear the bowels. 7. To remove any thing that obscures, as clouds or fog to make bright as, to clear the sky sometimes followed by up. 8. To free from obscurity, perplexity or ambiguity as, to clear a question or theory to clear up a case or point. 9. To urge from the imputation of guilt to justify or vindicate.

How shall we clear ourselves?  Genesis 44 .

That will by no means clear the guilty.  Exodus 34 .

10. In a legal sense, to acquit on trial, by verdict as, the prisoner has been tried and cleared. 11. To make gain or profit, beyond all expenses and charges as, to clear ten percent by a sale of goods, or by a voyage. 12. To remove wood from land. To cut down trees, remove or burn them, and prepare land for tillage or pasture as, to clear land for wheat.


1. To become free from clouds or fog to become fair often followed by up, off, or away as, the sky clears the weather clears up it clears away it clears off. 2. To be disengaged from incumbrances, distress or entanglements to become free or disengaged.

He that clears at once will relapse.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): (v. t.) To render more quick or acute, as the understanding; to make perspicacious.

(2): (superl.) Free from opaqueness; transparent; bright; light; luminous; unclouded.

(3): (superl.) Free from ambiguity or indistinctness; lucid; perspicuous; plain; evident; manifest; indubitable.

(4): (superl.) Able to perceive clearly; keen; acute; penetrating; discriminating; as, a clear intellect; a clear head.

(5): (superl.) Not clouded with passion; serene; cheerful.

(6): (superl.) Easily or distinctly heard; audible; canorous.

(7): (superl.) Without mixture; entirely pure; as, clear sand.

(8): (superl.) Without defect or blemish, such as freckles or knots; as, a clear complexion; clear lumber.

(9): (superl.) Free from guilt or stain; unblemished.

(10): (superl.) Without diminution; in full; net; as, clear profit.

(11): (superl.) Free from impediment or obstruction; unobstructed; as, a clear view; to keep clear of debt.

(12): (superl.) Free from embarrassment; detention, etc.

(13): (n.) Full extent; distance between extreme limits; especially; the distance between the nearest surfaces of two bodies, or the space between walls; as, a room ten feet square in the clear.

(14): (adv.) In a clear manner; plainly.

(15): (adv.) Without limitation; wholly; quite; entirely; as, to cut a piece clear off.

(16): (v. t.) To free from impediment or incumbrance, from defilement, or from anything injurious, useless, or offensive; as, to clear land of trees or brushwood, or from stones; to clear the sight or the voice; to clear one's self from debt; - often used with of, off, away, or out.

(17): (v. i.) To make exchanges of checks and bills, and settle balances, as is done in a clearing house.

(18): (v. t.) To render bright, transparent, or undimmed; to free from clouds.

(19): (v. t.) To free from impurities; to clarify; to cleanse.

(20): (v. t.) To free from obscurity or ambiguity; to relive of perplexity; to make perspicuous.

(21): (v. i.) To obtain a clearance; as, the steamer cleared for Liverpool to-day.

(22): (v. t.) To free from the imputation of guilt; to justify, vindicate, or acquit; - often used with from before the thing imputed.

(23): (v. t.) To leap or pass by, or over, without touching or failure; as, to clear a hedge; to clear a reef.

(24): (v. t.) To gain without deduction; to net.

(25): (v. i.) To become free from clouds or fog; to become fair; - often followed by up, off, or away.

(26): (v. i.) To disengage one's self from incumbrances, distress, or entanglements; to become free.