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Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [1]

is the name of two early martyrs:

1. A woman of Athens, arrested along with Dionysius, and given in charge to two soldiers of the governor's train, whom she taught, and they were converted. The pair of converts therefore, with Dionysius, were tortured and stoned, and Christina, because she fell upon the corpses and wept over them, was beheaded. Suchi is the story the Menology on May 15. The Latin acts, given by Ruinart, do not mention Dionysius or Christina, but seem to speak of the latter as Dionysia;. nor do they mention Athens, but speak of Troas as that place where the governor is informed that Andrew, Paul, and Nicomachus are Christians.

2. A damsel of Tyre, confined by her father in a tower, that no one should see her. For throwing downs idols, her father punished her in every way: plunged her in the sea, which served for a baptism, reported her to Dio, the governor, and at last she was killed,. No year is given, but the day is July 24 (Men. Basil.). Acts of this martyr, by Alphanus of Salerno (11th century), may be found in Migne (Patrol. Lat. 147:1269).

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

Queen of Sweden, daughter and only child of Gustavus Adolphus; received a masculine education, and was trained in manly exercises; governed the country well, and filled her court with learned men, but by-and-by her royal duties becoming irksome to her, she declared her cousin as her successor, resigned the throne, and turned Catholic; her cousin dying, she claimed back her crown, but her subjects would not now have her; she stayed for a time in France, but was obliged to leave; retired to Rome, where she spent 20 years of her life engaged in scientific and artistic studies, and died (1628-1689).