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Caecilius [1]

is the name of several men in early church history. (See Capella).

1. Caecilius Natalis, the pagan in the dialogue of Octavius, by Minucius Felix, is supposed by Tillemont to be no imaginary personage, but a real convert. Tillemont discusses his identity with Caelianus, and with the married presbyter who converted Cyprian (iv, 46, 47, 50; Jerome, Viri Illus. c. 67; Pontius, p. 3).

2. A presbyter and friend of Cyprian. (See Caecilian), 1.

3. One of the seven bishops said to have been ordained by the apostles at Rome, and sent into Spain. The seven are celebrated together in a Choriambic hymn in the Mozarabic liturgy on May 15 (Acta Sanctorum, May iii, 441).

4. The martyrdom of Caecilius on the farther side of the Tiber is assigned to Nov. 17 in the Martyr. Hieron.

5. Bishop of Biltha, in proconsular Africa, a member of the Committee de Virginibus Subintroductis (Ephesians 4 ), A.D. 249, sat in each of the synods, De Pace Maturius Danda, etc., and as senior bishop spoke first in. the synod de Baptismo III. He is not impossibly the same bishop who is addressed by Cyprian on the subject of the mixed chalice (Ep. 63)