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Bride [1]

( כִּלָּה , Kallsh'; Νύμφη  ; both also " daughter-in-law"). (See Bridegroom).

Bride-chamber ( Νυμφών ), a bridal room (Suid. Κοιτών ) where the nuptial bed was prepared, usually in the house of the bridegroom, whither the bride was brought in procession. (See Wedding). It occurs only in the New Testament, in the phrase "sons of the bride-chamber" ( Matthew 9:15;  Mark 2:19;  Luke 5:34). These were the companions of the bridegroom, Bridemen, called by the Greeks Paranymphs (Rabbin.

שׁוֹשְׁבֵּנַים ), just as the bride had also her companions or bridemaids

( Matthew 25:1-12). (See Marriage).