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the name of a family in Holland eminent for learning and piety. They were all Arminians, and have contributed greatly to our knowledge of the Arminian and Remonstrant controversies.

1. GERARD, professor of divinity, was born at Amsterdam in 1626. After a thorough theological education, he became pastor of the Remonstrant church in Nienkoop; in 1660 he removed to Hoorn, and to Amsterdam 1667. Here he continued in pastoral and literary labors till his death, Dec. 11, 1685. His great work is the Hist. der Reformatie in en Ontrent de Niederlanden (Rott. 4 vols. 4to, 1671-1704), of which the last two volumes were edited by J. Brandt. It was translated into English by Chamberlayne, History of the Reformation in the Low Countries (Lond. 1720-23, 4 vols. fol.); abridged in French (Amst. 1730, 3 vols. 12mo) He published also a Life of Barneveldt, a Life of De Ruyter, etc. His Reformation is a magazine of facts; and the candor and truthfulness of the book, as well as its value, are now generally acknowledged -Winer, Theol. Literatur, i, 824; Haes, Life of Brandt (in Dutch, 1740, 4to); Cattenburgh, Bibliotheca Remonstrantium.

2. CASPAR, son of Gerard, was born in Rotterdam June 25, 1653. After a careful training under his father and at the university, he became pastor of the Remonstrant church at Amsterdam, where he died Oct. 5, 1696. He wrote Hist. Vitce Jac. Arminii (Amst. 1724, 8vo), enlarged and corrected by Mosheim (Brunsw. 1725, 8vo), translated by Guthrie, Life Of Arminius (Lond. 1854, 18mo); Hist. V. H. Leven D. Hug. De Groot (Grotius), (Dort, 1732, 2d ed., 2 vols. 8vo). - Winer, Theol. Lit. i, 765, 862.

3. JOHN, youngest son of Gerard, was born at Nienkoop 1660, and was successively minister at Hoorn, the Hague, and Amsterdam, and died 1708. He wrote Vita S. Pauli (4to), and edited the Epistole Prastantium Virorum (Amst. 1684), which throws great light on the history of Arminianism.

4. GERARD, son of Caspar, minister at Amsterdam, edited the Vita Arminii written by his father and published in 1724.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

A Swedish chemist; chanced on the discovery in 1669 of phosphorus while in quest of a solvent to transmute metals, such as silver, into gold; d . 1692.