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Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [1]

the see of a Roman archbishop in France. Bourges was one of the earliest episcopal sees of France. A metropolitan of Bourges is mentioned for the first time at the beginning of the sixth century. A university was established there in 1463. Councils (Concilia Bituricensia) were held at Bourges in 1031, 1225, 1276, 1286,1336, with regard to church discipline; another, the most important of all, in 1438, (See Pragmatic Sanction Of Bourges); and the last, in 1528, against Luther and the Reformation.-Wiltsch, Geogr. And Statist. Of The Church.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

A French town in the dep. of Cher; birthplace of Louis XI. and Bourdaloue.