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Border [1]

is generally the rendering of some form of the Heb. גְּבוּלּ , Gebul', Gr. Ὅρκος , a Boundary-Line, especially in the plural; also of several other Heb. words in a similar sense; but in  Exodus 25:25;  Exodus 25:27;  Exodus 37:12;  Exodus 37:14, it represents מַסְגֶרֶת , Misge'Reth, a Margin, e.g. ornaments on the brazen stands or pedestals of the lavers, apparently square Shields decorated with sculptures on the sides,  1 Kings 7:28-36;  2 Kings 16:17; and in  Numbers 15:38, it stands for כָּנָ , Kanaph', a Wing, i.e. hem or fringe of a garment, like Κράσπεδον in  Matthew 23:5; while in  Song of Solomon 1:11, it is תּוֹר , Tor, a Rowa or string of pearls or golden beads for the headdress.