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Webster's Dictionary [1]

(1): (n.) A claret wine from Bordeaux.

(2): (a.) Pertaining to Bordeaux in the south of France.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

A great industrial and commercial city, and chief seat of the wine trade in France and the third seaport on the Garonne; cap. of the dep. of Gironde; the birthplace of Rosa Bonheur and Richard II., his father, the Black Prince, having had his seat here as governor of Aquitaine. There are sugar-refineries, potteries, foundries, glass and chemical works. The cod-fishing industry has its base here. A cathedral dates from the 11th century. There are schools of science, art, theology, medicine, and navigation, a library, museum, and rich picture-gallery.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [3]

the see of a Roman archbishop in France. The establishment of an episcopal see reaches probably as far back as the year 300; later, the bishopric was changed into an archbishopric. In 1441 the city received a university. Four councils (Concilia Burdigalensia) have been held at Bordeaux: in 384, against the Priscillianists; in 670, for the restoration of peace and for the improvement of Church discipline; in 1080, against Berengar; and the last in 1255.