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Charles Buck Theological Dictionary [1]

Religious, or the lives of illustrious and pious men, are well worthy of perusing. The advantages of religious biography are too well known to need a recital in this place. We shall only, therefore, point out some of the best pieces, which the reader may peruse at his leisure:

Hunter's Sacred Biography; Robinson's Scripture Characters; Hunter's History of Christ; J. Taylor's Life of Christ; Cave's Lives of the Apostles; Cave's Lives of the Fathers; Fox's Lives of the Martyrs; Melchior Adam's Lives; Fuller's and Clark's Lives; Gilpin's Lives of Wickliffe, Cranmer, Latimer, &c.; Walton's Lives by Zouch; Baxter's Narrative of the most remarkable Passages of his Life and Times, by Silvester; Palmer's Nonconformist Memorial; Lives of P. and M. Henry; Life of Halyburton; Orton's Memoirs of Doddridge; Gillies' Life of Whitfield; Doddridge's Life of Gardner; Life of Wesley by Hampson, Coke, More, and Whitehead; Middleton's Biographia Evangelica; Edward's Life of D. Brainerd; Gibbon's Life of Watts; Brown's Life of Hervey; Fawcett's Life of Heywood; Brown's Lives in his Student and Pastor; Burnet's Life of Rochester; Hayley's Life of Cowper; Benson's Life of Fletcher; Jay's Life of Winter; Cecil's Life of Newton; Priestley's Chart of Biography, with a Book describing it, 12mo.; Haweis's Life of Romaine; Fuller's Life of Pearce.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): (n.) Biographical writings in general.

(2): (n.) The written history of a person's life.