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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Beth-e'mek. (House Of The Valley). A place on, or near, the border of Asher, on the north side of which was the ravine of Jiphthah-el .  Joshua 19:27.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [2]

Beth-Emek (‘house of the deep valley’,   Joshua 19:27 ). A town of Zebulun in the border valley, east of Acco, apparently near Cabul. The name has not been recovered.

Holman Bible Dictionary [3]

 Joshua 19:27

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [4]

(Heb. Beyth ha-E'mek, בֵּית הָעֵמֶק , House Of The Valley; Sept. Βαιθαέμεκ v. r. Βαιθμέ ), A city of the tribe of Asher, apparently near its S.E. border ( Joshua 19:27). Dr. Robinson found a village called Amkah about eight miles N.E. of Akka ( Biblioth. Sacra, 1853, p. 121), which is probably the place in question, although he suggests that the above text seems to require a position south of the "valley of Jiphthah-el" or Jefat ( Later Bib. Researches, p. 103,108). The identification proposed by Schwarz ( Palest. p. 192) with the modern Amiuka (according to him also noticed in the Talmud), 12 miles N.N.W. of Safed, is altogether out of the region indicated.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [5]

beth - ē´mek ( בּית העמק , bēth hā - ‛ēmeḳ  ; Βηθαεμέκ , Bēthaemék , "house of the valley"): A town in the territory of Zebulun ( Joshua 19:27 ). It has not been identified, but must be sought somewhere East of Acre, not far from Kabul, the ancient Cabul.