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Morrish Bible Dictionary [1]

This signifies 'well of the living and seeing one.' A well situated between Kadesh and Bered, "in the way to Shur," therefore in the south. It was here that Hagar, when she fled from Sarai, was met by the angel of the Lord: her exclamation on that occasion, "Thou God seest me," gave to the well its name.  Genesis 16:14 . Isaac dwelt near the same 'well Lahai-Roi.'  Genesis 24:62;  Genesis 25:11 .

Smith's Bible Dictionary [2]

Be-er-laha'i-roi. (a well of the living). A living spring, Authorized Version, or fountain, compare  Jeremiah 6:7, between Kadesh and Bered, in the wilderness.  Genesis 24:62.