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Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [1]

(Bangertium), an episcopal see in Wales, in Caernarvonshire. The foundation of this see is altogether involved in obscurity. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Daniel, its first bishop, and the chapter consists of a dean, treasurer, precentor, two archdeacons, five canons, and two minor canons. The diocese comprises Anglesea, and parts of Caernarvonshire, Denbigh, Montgomery, and Merionethshire, containing one hundred and seventy parishes, of which thirty-seven are impropriated. The present (1889) incumbent is James Colquhoun Campbell, D.D., consecrated in 1859.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

An episcopal city in Carnarvon, N. Wales, with large slate quarries; a place of summer resort, from the beauty of its surroundings.