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Asor [1]

( Ἀσώρ ) , a plain in Galilee near the Sea of Gennesaret ( 1 Maccabees 11:67, according to the Vulg. and Syr.; the common Greek has Νασώρ , Auth. Vers. "Nasor;" but the initial Ν has apparently been borrowed from the preceding Πεδίον ) , probably Hazor ( חָצוֹר , which is thus Gracized in the Sept.), in the tribe of Naphtali (comp. Joseph. Ant. xiii, 5, 7). (See Hazor).

in Hindu mythology, are evil spirits. As their teacher and leader they have Shukra, the planet Venus. They appear in frightful, giant-like forms, have a human appearance, possess all human attributes, marry, have descendants, etc. After death their spirits transmigrate into other bodies. Their residence is the infernal region. They can take. on any form. The most celebrated among them are Moisasur and Rhabun. Sorcery is their main employment, and also all their wisdom.