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Arvadites [1]

Ar´vadites ( Genesis 10:18;  1 Chronicles 1:16), the inhabitants of the island Aradus [ARVAD], and doubtless also of the neighboring coast. The Arvadites were descended from Arvad, one of the sons of Canaan ( Genesis 10:18). Strabo describes the Arvadites as a colony from Sidon. They were noted mariners ( Ezekiel 27:8;  Ezekiel 27:11), and formed a distinct state, with a king of their own; yet they appear to have been in some dependence upon Tyre, for the prophet represents them as furnishing their contingent of mariners to that city ( Ezekiel 27:8;  Ezekiel 27:11). The Arvadites took their full share in the maritime traffic for which the Phœnician nation was celebrated, particularly after Tyre and Sidon had fallen under the dominion of the Græco-Syrian kings.