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Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types [1]

 Genesis 49:23 (a) The word is used here to represent the ten brothers of Joseph and also Potiphar's wife and other enemies who sought to injure and in fact to kill Joseph. They were instruments of Satan to prevent the execution of GOD's plans.

 Job 16:13 (b) The word is used in this passage to describe those who find fault with GOD's people. These enemies speak evil of GOD's servants and seek to damage GOD's children. The wicked words that they speak to and about the Christian are likened to arrows shot by the archer.

 Jeremiah 51:3 (b) This is a type of GOD's own people who are instructed to spare no effort in attacking "Babylon." Babylon is a type of false religions (see under "BABYLON"). GOD's people are told to shoot at her, and spare no arrows. The true Christian should never lose an opportunity to expose the evils of the false religious sects who deceive the people and hold them in darkness and superstition.

Easton's Bible Dictionary [2]

 1 Chronicles 10:3 Genesis 21:20 27:3 1 Samuel 31:3 Hosea 1:5 Jeremiah 49:35 Genesis 49:24 Isaiah 13:18 Jeremiah 49:35 50:9,14,29,42

Holman Bible Dictionary [3]

 Genesis 49:23-24 2 Samuel 11:24Arms And Armor

King James Dictionary [4]

'ARCHER, n. See Arch and Arc.

A bowman; one who uses a bow in battle; one who is skilled in the use of the bow and arrow.

Webster's Dictionary [5]

(n.) A bowman, one skilled in the use of the bow and arrow.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [6]

Archer . See Armour, Army.

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [7]

( קִשָּׁת , Kashshath', a Bowman,  Genesis 21:20; בִּעִלאּחִצּים , Baal- Chitstsim', Arrow-Man,  Genesis 49:23; אנֵוֹשׁ בִּקֶּשֶׁת , enosh' bakke'sheth, bowman,  1 Samuel 31:3; מוֹרֶה בִּקֶּשֶׁת Moreh' Bakke'Sheth, Shooter With The Bow,  1 Chronicles 10:3; דּוֹרֵךְ קֶּשֶׁת , one bending the bow,  Jeremiah 51:3; comp.  Isaiah 21:17;  Isaiah 23:3; but simply קֶּשֶׁת , Ke'Sheth, a Bow, in  Isaiah 22:3; comp.  Psalms 78:57; while in  Job 16:13, the word is רִב , rab, great, prob. a Host). From the frequent appearance of combatants armed with bows and arrows on the Egyptian monuments (see Wilkinson's Anc. Egypt. 1, 337, 354, 405) and Babylonish sculptures (see Layard's Nineveh, 2, 261), we may conclude that this art is of very high antiquity (see Jahn's Archaol. § 278). In  Genesis 21:20, Ishmael is spoken of as an archer, and again in  Genesis 27:3, but with reference to hunting rather than to war; and this appears to have been long the case with the Israelites, though the neighboring nations employed it for military purposes. (See Armor).