Antiochus Ii

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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [1]

Surnamed Theos (Θεός , Theós , "god"): Son and successor of Antiochus (261-246 bc). He made a successful war on Ptolemy Philadelphus of Egypt, but was obliged to buy peace in 250 by divorcing his wife, Laodice, and by marrying Ptolemy's daughter, Berenice. After the death of Ptolemy, "the king of the south" ( Daniel 11:6 ) 248 bc, he recalled Laodice and named her eldest son (Seleucus Kallinikos) as his successor to the throne; but Laodice (probably because she feared a second repudiation) had Berenice, her child, and Antiochus all murdered (246 bc). The Milesians gave him the surname of Theos in gratitude for his liberating them from the tyranny of Timarchus. (See Arrian, I, 17, 10, and 18, 2; Josephus, Ant , Xii , iii, 2; Dittenberger, Sylloge Inscr. Graec , 166-71.)