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Anthony [1]

St., of Padua, born at Lisbon in 1195, was at first an Augustinian monk; joined in 1220 the Franciscans, went in 1221 as missionary to Africa, lived for some time as hermit in Sicily, labored with great effect as preacher of repentance throughout Italy, and was the leader of the rigorous party in the Franciscan order against the mitigations introduced by the general Elias. (See Franciscans). Tradition ascribes to him the most astounding miracles, e.g. that the fishes came to listen to his open-air sermons, etc. He died at Padua in 1231, and was canonized in 1232. He is commemorated on June 13. He is patron saint of Padua, and also venerated with great distinction in Portugal. His works (sermons, a mystical explanation of the Scriptures, etc.) are of no great importance. They have been published, together with those of St. Francis of Assisi, by De la Haye, Antwerp, 1623. See Wadding, Annales minor.; Tritheim and Bellarmin, De Script. eccles.; Dirks, Life of St. Anthony of Padua (transl. from the French, N. Y. 1866).