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Smith's Bible Dictionary [1]

Anani'ah. (Protected By Jehovah).

1. Probably a priest, and ancestor of Azariah, who assisted in rebuilding the city wall in the days of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah 3:23. (B.C. before 446).

2. A place, named between Nob and Hazor, in which the Benjamites lived, after their return from captivity.  Nehemiah 11:32.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [2]

Ananiah . 1 .  Nehemiah 3:23 , the father of Maaseiah, and grandfather of Azariah, who took part in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. 2 . A town inhabited by Benjamites after the Captivity (  Nehemiah 11:32 ). Possibly the modern Beit Hanina , a village 2 miles N. of Jerusalem.

Morrish Bible Dictionary [3]

1. Grandfather of Azariah who returned from exile.  Nehemiah 3:23 .

2. Town occupied by the Benjamites on their return from exile.  Nehemiah 11:32 . It has been identified with Beit Hannina, 35 12' E 31 50' N .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary [4]

1.  Nehemiah 3:23.

2. A place between Nob and Hazor, where the Benjamites lived on returning from the Babylonian captivity ( Nehemiah 11:32).

Holman Bible Dictionary [5]

 Nehemiah 3:23 2 Nehemiah 11:32

Easton's Bible Dictionary [6]

 Nehemiah 11:32

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [7]

(Heb., Ananyah', עֲנִנְיָה , Protected by Jehovah ) , the name of a man and of a place. (See Ananias).

1. (Sept. Ἀνανία . ) The father of Maaseiah and grandfather of Azariah, which last repaired part of the walls of Jerusalem after the exile ( Nehemiah 3:23). B.C. considerably ante 446.

2. (Sept. Ἀνἰα . ) A town in the tribe of Benjamin, mentioned between Nob and Hazor as inhabited after the captivity ( Nehemiah 11:32). Schwarz ( Palest. p. 13,) regards it as the modern Beit Hanina. three miles north of Jerusalem; a small village, tolerably well built of stone, on a rocky ridge, with many olive-trees (Robinson, Res. 3, 68; comp. Tobler, Topog. Von Jerus. 2, 414).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [8]

an - a - nı̄´a ענניה , ‛ănanyāh , "Yah has covered"): (1) Grandfather of Azariah. He assisted in repairing the walls of Jerusalem after his return from the exile ( Nehemiah 3:23 ). (2) A town of Benjamin mentioned in connection with Nob and Hazor ( Nehemiah 11:32 ). It is commonly identified with Beit Hanina, between three and four miles North-Northwest from Jerusalem.