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Amasis [1]

supposed to be the Pharaoh whose house in Tahpanhes is mentioned in  Jeremiah 43:9, and who reigned B.C. 569-525; he was the successor of Apries, or Pharaoh Hophra. Amasis, unlike his predecessors, courted the friendship of the Greeks; and, to secure their alliance, he married Laodice, the daughter of Battus, the king of the Grecian colony of Cyrene (Herod. 2:161-182; 3, 1-16; Diod. 1:68, 95). He also contributed a large sum toward the rebuilding of the temple of Delphi, and is said to have been visited by Solon (Herod. 1:30; Plut. Solon, 26; Plato, Timoeus, p. 21). Smith's Dict. of Class. Biog. s.v. (See Egypt).