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Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [1]

(a frequent Roman name, signifying whitish; Graecized Ἀλβῖνος ), a procurator of Judaea in the reign of Nero, about A.D. 62 and 63, the successor of Festus and predecessor of Florus. He was guilty of almost every kind of crime in his government, pardoning the vilest criminals for money, and shamelessly plundering the provincials (Josephus, Ant. 20, 9, 1; War, 2, 14, 1). He was perhaps identical with Luccius Albinus, procurator of Mauritania under Nero and Galba, but murdered by his subjects on the accession of Otho, A.D. 69 (Tacitus, Hist. 2, 58, 59).

is the name of two saints mentioned in the old Roman martyrologies; one a bishop and confessor commemorated March 1, the other a martyr commemorated June 21.

priest of the Convent of the Augustinians at Canterbury, was versed in the ancient languages, and very learned for his time. He died in 732. He assisted Bede in the composition of his Historia Ecclesiastica. The letter from Bede thanking Albinus for his assistance is still preserved. See Hoefer, Nouv. Biog. Generale, s.v.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia [2]

An able professor of anatomy and therapeutics at Leyden (1696-1770).