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King James Dictionary [1]

Advi'Ce, n. L. viso, to see, to visit.

1. Counsel an opinion recommended, or offered, as worthy to be followed.

What advice give ye?  2 Chronicles 10 .

With good advice make war.  Proverbs 20 .

We may give advice, but we cannot give conduct.

2. Prudence deliberate consideration. 3. Information notice intelligence as, we have late advices from France.

To take advice, is to consult with others.

Webster's Dictionary [2]

(1): (n.) Information or notice given; intelligence; as, late advices from France; - commonly in the plural.

(2): (n.) An opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel.

(3): (n.) Counseling to perform a specific illegal act.

(4): (n.) Deliberate consideration; knowledge.