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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible [1]

Achior (‘brother of light’). A general of the Ammonites ( Jdt 5:5 etc.), afterwards converted to Judaism (ch. 14).

Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature [2]

( Ἀχιώρ , for Heb. Achier', אֲחַיאוֹר , Brother [i.e. Full] Of Light; comp.  Numbers 34:27, where the Sept. has Ἀχιώρ for Ahihud, apparently reading אִחיהוֹר ), the name given in the Apocrypha as that of the sheik of the Ammonites, who joined Holofernes with auxiliary troops during his expedition into Egypt, and who, when called upon to account for the opposition made by the inhabitants of Bethulia to that general, did so in a speech recounting the history of the country, and the national abhorrence of foreign idolatry ( Judith 5:1-24). According to the narrative, this so incensed the haughty general and his associates that they demanded the life of Achior by exposure to his enemies, who thereupon befriended and preserved him (chap. 6) till he was eventually released on the death of Holofernes, and then embraced Judaism (chap. 14). (See Judith).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia [3]

ā´ki or Ἀχιώρ Achió̄r  Numbers 34:27 אחיאור 'ăḳı̄'ōr